Let us begin…

So, I’m giving this blog thing a shot, in order to chronicle this turning point in my life. Quitting my job in London required a lot of thought – I had pretty fantastic experiences as a Management Consultant with Oliver Wyman FS. I traveled the world, worked with C-Suite executives for global firms, and had some amazing colleagues, both intelligent and fun.

But some health worries over the past two years made me realise more and more the importance of living my dreams today and really following my passions. It scared me – if you go for your biggest dream and fail, what do you have left? But the point is, what do you have if you don’t?

I’ve been accepted into the 18th intake of Kiva Fellows and just recently found out I’ll be heading to Burkina Faso to establish a partnership between Kiva and French NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde.

I’ll be writing more as I learn more about the country, my position and Kiva’s goals in the area. Right now, I’m trying to pack up my life in London and begin preparations – including fundraising, in particular for the flight, as I’ll be flying out from Montreal the day after my sister’s wedding and flights from Canada sure cost more than from London…

For more info on that part, I’ve set up a US fundraising page at indiegogo and a UK fundraising site on Crowdfunder and of course I’m so grateful to those who are able and who choose to support my work in this area. On these pages, there are descriptions of other ways to support me too, it doesn’t have to be financial! Joining Kiva (which you can currently do for free) would be great!

Even more exciting is spreading the word about Kiva in general and about microfinance – I’ve been fascinated by this area for some years now and will be writing more on the topics on my site.